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“I have relied on Joe the Fish Guy for my annual pond maintenance since 2008. Actually I probably knew the owner, Joe, much longer because he used to work at his parents’ aquarium store in Yucca Valley back in the days when I had a 40 gallon salt water tank. Joe is completely reliable and always shows up at my house in Joshua Tree with his helper and all the materials he thinks he needs to do the job when he says he will. Not only does his yearly clean out leave my pond looking awesome, but also Joe is an absolute wealth of information about fish and ponds and helpful new pond materials. I am completely satisfied with both the great job he does and the price he charges. I cannot recommend him highly enough.” – Mikey L.

“Joe helped me out big time. My water pump stopped working. Already had one guy tell me the motor was burned out and I needed to spend close to $200 for a new one and that was not even including labor. Decided I would give Joe a call as he specializes in ponds and waterfalls. He came out. He made one call and found the pump was still under warranty. They had my waterfall up and running in a couple days as well as saving me almost $300. I’m thrilled. I strongly reccomend calling someone that knows what there doing and not charging you for unnecessary parts and repairs. Joe is that kind of guy.” -Michael W.

“My partner and I have had our fish pond and waterfalls serviced by Joe The Fish Guy for the past 8 years in Cathedral City. We are completely satisfied with all of his work, education, and helping maintain a healthy pond and waterscape ecosystem. Recently, Joe installed an economical UV light which eliminated a stubborn green water algae problem that developed last summer due to the age of our koi pond. He also repaired leaks in the filter box. Joe is always reliable. He’s available to us when a pump fails, for our annual spring pond clean out and pond maintenance, and any problem that develops. We know that Joe is only a phone call away. None of our koi fish have ever been harmed or adversely affected by his experienced care and expert advice. We have many species of insects, birds, and California wildlife visiting our pond because it is such a healthy ecosystem. Some of our favorites include honey bees, very colorful dragon flies, long-tailed grackles, various songbirds, hummingbirds, and hawks. The hummingbirds, grackles and hawks have even brought their young to visit our pond.” -Francis P.

“I saw Joe’s truck in front of our neighbor’s house and asked about him. The raves they gave him were experienced by us after he serviced our pond. Up until Joe’s visit our pond had been badly serviced by another local company but Joe really turned it around! And he was very knowledgeable, friendly and reliable. Thanks again Joe!” -Tony V

“I bought my house a year ago, and the koi pond that came with it had been badly neglected since it had been built seven years before by an inexperienced builder.  I had been burned by two other pond service companies that I had called, so when I found Joe the Fish Guy on Yelp and read all the positive reviews, I called him.  Joe came out the next day, surveyed my pond and pointed out a few problems with overgrown algae,  construction and equipment that the other two companies hadn’t even discovered or mentioned. He was there for over an hour, didn’t make me feel rushed, listened to my concerns and what I had to say, and gave me some very good advice and recommendations.  When he came back to do some work, he and his crew removed 25 POUNDS of dead and decaying plant material from the bottom of the pond.  The other companies had quoted me as much as THREE TIMES MORE than Joe’s charges, and their quotes didn’t include as much work as Joe put into my koi pond.  When I saw the pond that evening when I came home, my jaw dropped and I about fell out of my chair.  The water was crystal clear, the rock waterfall had been redesigned for better flow, pond plants had been added, and you could actually SEE the bottom of the pond and I had VERY HAPPY FISH!  Joe obviously knows his work, and when he spoke about how he started as a young boy in his father’s aquarium shop, you could hear in his voice that he has a love and understanding for what he does.  I asked him to give me monthly service and I trust Joe’s work and suggestions completely; he treats my pond like it’s his own, and I couldn’t be happier with the way it looks, and he keeps in touch with you about the pond and the fish.  Call him for whatever reason you might need him; he is by far one of the most dependable and knowledgeable service people I have ever dealt with.  Now, when I go out onto my patio in the afternoon to sit and relax and feed the koi in my pond, I smile and say a silent “thank you” to Joe for being there when I really needed a professional.” – Wade H.



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